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IntelliWriter™ is your on-demand virtual writing coach designed to drastically improve your skills. Are you ready to become a better writer in just a few steps?

1. Learn The Basics

Getting Started With IntelliWriter:

Watch this introductory video. Here, you will learn all the fundamentals of IntelliWriter.

2. Accessing Your Account

Register Your Free IntelliWriter Account

In this video, we will show you how to sign up for your IntelliWriter account, using your school-assigned ID.


What you will need:

  • The email you use to access your school’s portal
  • A strong, secure password that you do not use anywhere else
  • Your school’s unique IntelliWriter Access code (don’t know where this is? Click here!)
    Note: The access code depends on your school’s unique ID. Make sure you register with your school-assigned email address!

2. Try It Out!

Writing Your First Document

Ready to begin writing in IntelliWriter? We’ll show you a couple of tips and tricks to help you make the most of the program!

Import Work from Word or Docs

Did you know you can upload your documents from Microsoft or Google Drive into IntelliWriter? In this video, we’ll show you how!

Congrats! You're now using IntelliWriter!
Many useful features are included to help you write:

Advanced Writing Feedback

IntelliWriter provides you with instant, in-depth feedback as you write, including but not limited to:

…and more!

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Plagiarism Detection

Never sweat over plagiarism with cite.ai Originality Detection, which searches the web for similar writing. Cite.ai™ is included with IntelliWriter for absolutely free!

Writer's Guides

Need help getting started on a document? The Writer’s Guides provide a myriad of how-to guides and starting templates for all types of writing!

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Play Video

writing performance stats

As you write, your document will be matched up with your curriculum’s rubric, providing immediate feedback and areas of improvement.

Real-Time Collaboration

Within IntelliWriter, you are able to invite other users to view, edit, and provide comments on your document. 

Need More Help?

Additional information and support is available under the Product Help and Support tab in IntelliWriter. Alternatively, you can reach out in the following ways: